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Work Rules :
01) All letters should be in As Per Image.
02) All the Symbol and Character which is in keyboard should be used.
03) No Other Symbol or Special Character should be Used.
04) Checking is done as per rules & letter mentioned on rules.
05) Payment will be processed only after achieving accuracy level mentioned in work details.
06) No payment will be made for non-submitted or non accuracy work
07) Work will be provided till client achieving accuracy in work.
08) Accuracy structure is for overall slot not per page.
09) Payment will be given after your successful typing without mistakes. No Late Submission or incomplete submission is allowed.
10) Late Submission or Incomplete Submission will be Rejected and Agreement Terminated. No Further Work Provided)
11) If project is not submitted in Time, No payment, Agreement Terminated. No Further Work Provided. No Excuse Whatever Genuine Reason Maybe.
12) Every page be 60 lines.
13) Payment Once Made will not be refunded in any case. Any Genuine Case may be.

Accuracy Calculation

Suppose In Error Spelling Mistake Is 6 (6% Deduction In Accuracy)

Suppose In Punctuation Mistake Is 2 (0.8%+0.8% =1.6% Deduction In Accuracy)

Suppose Word Joined 0.6% (0.6 Deduction In Accuracy)

6%  +  1.6%  + 0.6% = 8.2% Deduction In Accuracy So,

100% – 8.2% = 91.8% Is Accuracy Level

Before Start Work Carefully Read All Details

How To Work?
We Will Give Image File In Jpg Or Jpeg Format Each File Will Contains 60 Lines. Client Should Open Our Given Image File And Our Software Example Is Below

Then Start Image Words & Characters In Ms Word As Per Instructions Mentioned In Details

If Accuracy Below 85% / 70% / 75% (Plan Wise) Then No Next Work/Contract Terminates. Non Submitted Work / In completed Work Will Be Not Be Paid Refund And Any Payments. ​ Terms And Conditions : Work should be submit within deadline mentioned otherwise work will not be accepted at any reason. Work have to submit work before deadline given otherwise work will be rejected and no refund will be made. If accuracy is below 85% work and contract will be terminated permanently Incomplete data/pages will not be accepted at any reason. Submitted work content should be match with given pages content so only pages will be consider for quality report & checking. For non submission of work no any refund will be made. Work should be done  manually In Our Given Software Only. Using any conversion software or shortcut or more than one system/computer is not allowed if found work will get reject permanently without any refund.

Any doubt regarding details mentioned above please call on 8698398823 and clear all your doubts before starting the work.