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Spelling Mistakes More Than 50 Then No Next Work/Contract Terminates.
Non Submitted Work / In completed Work Will Be Not  Be Paid Refund And Any Payments.

Terms And Conditions :

Work should be submit within deadline mentioned otherwise work will not be accepted at any reason.

Work have to submit work before deadline given otherwise work will be rejected and no refund will be made.

If accuracy is below 50% work and contract will be terminated permanently

Incomplete data/pages will not be accepted at any reason.

Submitted work content should be match with given pages content so only pages will be consider for quality report & checking.

For non submission of work no any refund will be made.

Work should be done in ms word any version and should be done manually.

Using any conversion software or shortcut or more than one system/computer is not allowed if found work will get reject permanently without any refund.

Accuracy Calculation :


Accuracy Rule  : Accuracy Check For First 1st Assignment  Only –  From 2nd Assignment Rework Is Available  

Mistake Can Be Correct And submit work for full payment

We Count Errors > Spelling Error

We Not Count Errors > Full stop (.) , Comma (,), Space Error Other Punctuation like: ; ’  ”  / * – (  _ Etc

Only Spelling Error Is Count Error. Font Verdana 10 For All Files

Accuracy For Payment: 80 Pages = 40 Spelling Error Allowed, 125 Pages = 50 Mistakes Allowed 250 Pages = 100 Mistakes Allowed

Spelling Error Include Spelling Missing/Spelling/Wrong Spelling

Extra Space And Punctuation Extra Missing Wrong Will Not Treat As A Error

Please check below accuracy calculations

The accuracy should be ABOVE 50.1% to get min payment. We check accuracy on
spellings/alphabets not on number of words Spelling Error

Means – Alphabet like A B C D a b c d , Not A Word Spelling Error Means – A spelling Or
Alphabet Mistake Not A Word ACCURACY AND PAYMENTS STRUCTURE 50.1% – 100.0%
= Rs.75 per Page

If below 50% accuracy no refund will be made and contract will be

Type of Error, Number of errors Percentage of deduction for total slot.
Example: If word in image is Nature and you typed = Natura this will be 1%
deduction in accuracy. If word is = Nature and you typed = Natu means ra
is missing means 2% deduction in accuracy will be calculate.
If word is = Nature and you typed Nature and you typed = Naturea extra a this will be
1% deduction in accuracy. If word is = Nature and you typed Nature and you typed =
nature Capital to small error this will be the be 1% deduction in accuracy.